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    Avatars and Signature Rules

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    Avatars and Signature Rules Empty Avatars and Signature Rules

    Post by MasterOfKings on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:05 am

    Avatar and Signature Rules...

    • Size cannot exceed 128x128 (there is actually a limit on it).
    • File size should not exceed 64kb.
    • No offensive material should be used (adult material, etc)

    • The overall size of the signature should not exceed 600x300.
    • File size (all content included) should not exceed 200kb.
    • No links that give a reward for use should be included.
    • No offensive material should be included (adult material, etc)
    • Links to potentially malicious software are forbidden.

    Final note...
    Ignoring the rules in place on this forum may lead to content of your Avatar and/or signature to be removed without warning.
    Repeat offenders will have there account banned.


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