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    Theme will be changing

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    Theme will be changing Empty Theme will be changing

    Post by MasterOfKings on Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:35 am

    Soon, MGC will have its theme and forum version changed. The changes will be rather severe and the general look of MGC will change.

    We are moving from phpBB 2 to Invision Board. The test version of MGC (under construction) can be found by clicking here . Note that the colors on that site may not be the final ones used.

    Do NOT register an account on that forum, as it will be removed once the main site for MGC (this one), has been completed. The upgrade shouldn't take long (a couple of days at most).

    Note that there is no risk to any saved PMs or topics on the MGC; it will be just same as you left it.


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