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    Bumping and Multiple Posting Rules

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    Bumping and Multiple Posting Rules Empty Bumping and Multiple Posting Rules

    Post by MasterOfKings on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:19 am

    Bumping and Multiple Posting Rules

    What is Bumping?
    Bumping is making a second post directly after one of your own that has already been posted. This is acceptable only under the following circumstances:
    • The previous post was made, a minimum of, 24 hours earlier.
    • Your Internet browser does not allow the EDIT function to work (note: the second post must contain useful information). If this occurs, then you must specify it in the post, or else one of the moderators may take it as an illegal bump.

    Duplicate Topics...
    Making a second topic with the same question is not allowed. Doing so will have your second topic removed (or just closed) by one of the moderators.
    If your question isn't answered, you can bump your topic after 24 hours.

    Reporting Infringements...
    If you encounter any member infringing the rules above, please report it to one of the moderators (The Report buton is the Exclamation mark at the top-right hand corner of the post; NOT the 'Report an Abuse' link at the bottom of the page).
    Note, do not 'fake' a report, we take all reports seriously. If you send a 'fake' report, then you will be wasting both our time, and yours (sending fake reports more than once will result in your account being banned).


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