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    Tutorials and Examples Forum Rules


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    Tutorials and Examples Forum Rules Empty Tutorials and Examples Forum Rules

    Post by Ramses12 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:55 am

    Tutorials and Examples Forum Rules

    The Tutorials and Examples forum is created for less or more advanced works that help users understand particular aspects of GM. Obviously, if you write a tutorial you must give tested and well-documented data. Any tutorial or example provided must be created by the writer; if it uses someone elses codes or resources their creator must be credited.
    The tutorial can be either of these:
    Tutorial: This is a complete explination of a particular subject, which should teach the reader something concerning Game Maker.
    Example: This is a Game Maker file that shows how to accomplish a goal. It should be coded, organised and commented as clear as possible.
    Tips&Tricks: Provide some smart pieces of advice to improve reader's GM experience. You should try keeping within a single subject, but it is not necessary.
    Walkthrough: Probably the best way of teaching someone do something is showing him how and making him do it by himself. A walkthrough has to tell the reader each step that has to be followed in order to accomplish the goal. You can provide some base files if the walkthrough is too long, or it requires a base whose creation is not the purpose of the walkthrough.

    Tutorial Title
    A short sentence that describes what's the tutorial about (optional)

    Compatibility: GM version(s) which are compatible with the tutorial (example: GM8 PRO)
    Tutorial Type: Tutorial, example, tips&tricks or walkthrough
    Downloadable Content (if needed): A link to the file to be downloaded
    Skill Level: Skill level required in order to fully understand the concepts that are used as a base
    Objective: What should the reader know after reading/doing the tutorial/example/etc.
    Category: General GML/Multiplayer/3d/Maths/etc.
    Time to Complete (optional): Only of it is a how-to.

    Before writing a tutorial, simply copy-paste the form below and fill it.


    [center][size=24]Tutorial Title[/size]
    A short sentence that describes what's the tutorial about (optional)

    [b]Tutorial Type[/b]:
    [b]Downloadable Content[/b]:
    [b]Skill Level[/b]:
    [b]Time to Complete[/b]:

    Any tutorial which does not use this format will be probably deleted.

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