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    Current Projects and Completed Projects Forum Rules


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    Current Projects and Completed Projects Forum Rules Empty Current Projects and Completed Projects Forum Rules

    Post by Ramses12 on Sun May 23, 2010 2:33 am

    Current Projects and Completed Projects Forum Rules

    The Current Projects forum, as well as the Completed Projects forum belongs to the MGP creations category. This means that the forums are dedicated only to projects created by MGP. This is not the place to post personal projects. For that there exists a separate category called "Games".

    Current Projects
    This is a forum regarding non-finished MGP projects, also called work in progress. Here you can post anything related to announced projects currently in development. Keep in mind that any official beta versions, screenshots, posters, trailers or similar material will be posted by a member of MGP as soon as they are created, so please do not request materials while it is not yet announced.

    Completed Projects
    This forum is meant to be a board in which peple can debate several aspects linked to MGP completed projects. Note that any newly released project will be posted by a MGP member, as well as patches or extensions to existing projects. Probably each new project will have its own pinned topic.
    In this topic you are encouraged to discuss, debate, criticize, plan or comment anything related to the released projects, including:

    • Game reviews and general aspects
    • Game suggestions
    • Bug reports
    • Game strategies or gaming techiques
    • Plans for online gaming
    • Game Tips and Tricks
    • Walkthroughs
    • Many others

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