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    Space game, untitled.


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    Space game, untitled. Empty Space game, untitled.

    Post by Jobo on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:12 am

    Welcome to "untitled"s work-in-progress thread..

    I've put all information in good order, so you can choose what you want to read instead of listening to me babbling on.

    WIP 1ui released
    It has been a few weeks since I started working on this project. This is the most serious project I have ever been working on, so of course I hope you will all enjoy this early beta release.
    What have I been working on as first priority up-to-date?
    For this beta release, I have focused on the most important feature in any game: User Interface. A good user interface is something to take pride in. I set myself a goal for this beta release. That goal was to make a successful user interface - nice appearance, easy-to-use and fast-paced, not in the way of other gameplay and most importantly; a theme/shade that goes with the appearance of the game. In my mind, I have accomplished pretty much all of this. But that is not why I am here - I am here, to get your opinion.
    Level, experience points and stats
    On top of this, I also made a level, experience and stats system (which is actually to root of the game).
    My stats system is pretty involved, if you ask me. Here's somewhat how it works;
    There's 3 types of stats.
    1. Spaceship basic stats. These are the stats a spaceship is manufactured with.
    2. Player direct stats. These are the stats manually increased by player.
    3. Defined stats. These are a mix between the above.
    But the stats system takes a lot more into consideration when used in battle, than you would think (e.g. target elements).
    About experience points, these are not a set amount either. They also take the targets stats into consideration.
    What will we be having fun with?
    For this release I have made meteorites. These are the objects you will have fun with in this beta release. You can view their information and see, among others, their speed, weight and oxygen%. When you destroy something, you gain experience points. These are the only other objects you will be able to find in this beta release, but don't worry: there's infinite.
    But, as you might imagine, destroying meteorites is quite a slow way to gain levels. So I also added a little "cheat" just for you!

    W,A,D to fly around.
    Spacebar/Ctrl to shoot.
    Rest is mousecontrolled.

    -------Game information-------

    • Category/Genre: Sandbox, sci-fi, role-playing game
    • File size: 2,49MB
    • GM Version: GM8
    • Vista/Win7 compatible: You tell me and I'll edit. Using XP. God I hope it's compatible... Should be, though!
    • Changes screen resolution: No.

    You will get credit for extremely good help! Such as suggestions (like game title) and great feedback.

    Here's a screenshot to help you with the User Interface: (all objects has rightclick menus, leftclick the options listed. you can also drag windows)
    Space game, untitled. Uihelpimage

    -------Play game-------
    YoYo Games:
    Want download mirrors? Let me know!

    These people are currently in the credits:
    Sebastian S. Gundersen (Segun24/Gamma Ray)

    I'm here for feedback, criticism, ideas, suggestions (maybe you have a good name suggestion as well?) - maybe even error messages? (naaah!) - questions are also allowed, of course!

    very best regards, Jobo.
    thank you for reading!
    Space game, untitled. Fullhud

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