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    Wall Auto-tiler

    Nocturne Games

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    Wall Auto-tiler Empty Wall Auto-tiler

    Post by Nocturne on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:02 am

    Auto-Tile Walls
    An easy to use system that will connect wall objects automatically

    Compatibility: GM7/GM8
    Tutorial Type: Example
    Downloadable Content: GM7
    Skill Level:Beginner
    Objective: Create nice walls/platforms easily and quickly
    Category: Eye Candy

    This is an example with template images and a script for anyone who is doing a TDS or RPG game (or even platformer!) and wants to use one wall object, but have nice corners and connecting graphics. The png files inluded are a large template file with each of the necessary tiles numbered for ease of use and an example of a finished wall tile. There is a bonus for photoshop users as I have included a template with caps, rulers and effects for you to use as a base.

    The script itself is very easy to use and should not be modified! Just load it into the scripts section of your game and then copy and paste the code from the create event of the obj_Wall in my example file into the create event of your object wall. Then load up a tile set that you have created and change the names in your wall object create event to the tile set. If you want to use sprites instead of tiles then I have included code for that too...

    To make your own tiles just check out the template file and you will see that each block that is needed has a number and a black edge. These edges correspond to the outside edges of the wall and the numbers correspond to the position within the tile set. It´s a bit of work but very rewarding when finished, especially when you use a seamless image as a base! If you need a size that is not 32x32px then just adapt the code (explained in the comments) and scale up/down the template file... And please don´t rip the included graphics...

    Here is a screenshot of a room tiled with Auto Tile...
    Wall Auto-tiler Autotilescreenshotve2
    I used this script in my old game "Gauntlet" and in my recent game "BlackOut", so if you want to see how it looks in an actual game click on my sig...

    As always, no credit is necessary (but apreciated!) and if you download this please comment!!!!

    Wall Auto-tiler Signaturesmall

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    Wall Auto-tiler Empty Re: Wall Auto-tiler

    Post by DerrenFreeman on Mon May 02, 2011 10:12 am

    Ah yeah. A beautiful concept. I have used this kind of thing myself in the past. Creates lovely looking walls, really easily.

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    Wall Auto-tiler Empty Re: Wall Auto-tiler

    Post by Anybloodyid on Mon May 02, 2011 10:58 am

    Nice example and code.
    Very well commented and easy to understand.

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    Wall Auto-tiler Empty Re: Wall Auto-tiler

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