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    Launcher example


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    Launcher example Empty Launcher example

    Post by Ramses12 on Sun May 23, 2010 2:59 am

    Launcher example
    Creating a functional launcher for a game, using command line arguments

    Compatibility: GM7, GM8 (PRO for display resolution changing)
    Tutorial Type: Example
    Downloadable Content:
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Objective: Using command line arguments

    Note that this is a mirror for a tutorial originally posted by me at

    Note: The launcher and the game has to be compiled in order to be able to run, that's why I included both .gml and .exe files in the archive.
    Note: The launcher engine works ok in the Lite version but changing the display resolution is Pro only. If you want to apply something else with the launcher, instead of a resolution change, the engine might work in Lite too.

    There are a lot of professional games using launchers to change the game settings before the actual running of the game. Making a launcher is a nice game extension, so I wrote this example to share it with the GMC. Enjoy!
    To understant the mechanics of this example, you have to know what command line arguments are. A function or a script has arguments (or parameters) which can be used inside it, leading to a different behaviour and returned value. Same as the game itself, which can use arguments to run for example in a different mode.

    Here are direct links to .gmk files for GM7 users:

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