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    Questions and Answers Forum Rules


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    Questions and Answers Forum Rules Empty Questions and Answers Forum Rules

    Post by Ramses12 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:56 am

    Questions and Answers Forum Rules

    Asking Rules

    • The Q&A forum is created for Game Maker users to ask for assistance if they have a problem regarding Game Maker. Advice concerning working with Game Maker belong to the Tutorials and Examples forum.
    • Please keep your question as descriptive and straight as possible. This helps more advanced users to understand what your question is and respond to the point.
    • Do not delete or edit your resolved post. Somewhere else might have the same issue as yours.
    • Do not bump your topic except in the circumstances described in here .
    • Both questions involving the drag & drop actions and GML code are allowed.
    • Do not request resources like graphics or sound effects.
    • Do not post general questions like: "How to make a 3d game?". Such questions might be removed.

    Answering Rules

    • Do not post anything related to the person that asks the question.
    • Try to keep the response as clear as possible. Keep in mind that novice users are not supposed to understand the mechanics of a complicated code. The purpose of the forum is not giving informations to be copy-pasted, but teaching novice users how to use Game Maker better.
    • Posted code does not need to be tested, but generally the informations should be correct as much as possible.
    • Do not post code in any other programming language than GML (Game Maker Language).

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